Taking a Vacation from Life

It’s been two weeks since we went to Cancun, Mexico and as I write, I think how nice it would be to be there now. The hot tropical climate, the sandy beach, and even the humidity was perfect.

The trip was nothing elaborate, and we spend our days moving from the pool to the beach and vice versa. We built sand castles, and when the kids got tired, they ran to the kid pool and splashed to their heart’s content.

As with all beautiful vacations, it had to end, and we returned to our usual routine. Yet, as I think back on our trip, I remember it as a perfect escape from our daily routine which up to that point had been full of moving from one task to another and one stressful event after another.

Every so often, we need these escapes, and we should take them without feeling guilty. It may not be an international vacation or even a vacation. It may be something as simple as going out for coffee by yourself to rediscover yourself, and that’s okay to do as well. If you have small children, we as parents (and especially mothers) tend to feel guilty for taking care of yourself, for going out without your children, but perhaps that hour away will prove to be more helpful to the relationship. So whether it is a week-long family vacation or a solo trip to the coffee shop, take care of yourselves. Our relationship with our children will benefit significantly from a parent who cares for them but also takes time to care for themselves.

Shared a couple of pictures from our trip below but I tried not to have my phone on me so I didn’t take as many as I thought I would.

You can’t tell in the picture but our wall was quite impressive.

Being so sweet to each other!

How will you take care of yourself this week?

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