Photo Diary: Earth Day

Hi, how was your weekend?

I had a four day weekend and deliberately wanted to spend the time outdoors together as a family. I also wanted to spend it away from Instagram, Facebook, posting, taking pictures, and so on and solely focus on enjoying my family, and that’s what we did except today where I took out my camera out to snap some pictures.

It’s been a while since we had visited the Dallas Arboretum despite us living a few minutes away, so this morning while Joshua went to take his counseling license exam the kids and I headed to the Arboretum.

As soon as we arrived Sofia asked to go straight to the sandbox and the fountains (the children’s garden). It was especially busy today since most students in Dallas had the day off, but that didn’t stop the kids from splashing around!

We went to a section of the children’s garden where there were rocks and a stream. If you spend q few minutes there, you will see children jumping off the rocks but not Sofia, at least not at the beginning. She has always been the child who stands afar and observes what everyone is doing before and if she proceeds. We’ve been mindful of her personality and encourage her to jump (or do whatever other child-like tasks she is observing) but never push her to do it.

Then it was snack time! We packed GoGo sqeeZ packs which are our favorite, easy, and healthy apple sauce snacks. Along with plenty of other fruit, a pretzel, and plenty of water.

After the children’s garden, we went to my favorite part of the garden. It’s a field that overlooks White Rock Lake. We snacked some more and after eating Sofia went up to some kids and asked them to play. These kids weren’t interested and started walking away while my daughter followed them until they made it too far for her liking. As a parent, it is such a hard thing to witness seeing your kids get hurt! She walked back to our spot with her head down, and after talking about it, she decided she would try again and approached other children and they spend the next thirty minutes playing chase.

Peek-a-boo! Joshua finished his exam and was able to join us for the last stretch of our day in the gardens.

After a full day in the sun we we’re all tired and ready to head back home. I love our days spent our doors, and after a day like today, I remember how good it is to slow down, disconnect from the responsibilities that weigh us down, and spend our time and energy with those we love. I hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend!

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