Music of Our Parents

In our 2007 Jeep, we have an album binder full of CDs from when CD buying was a thing. Our radio stopped working several years ago when I took the car to a car wash and came out without an antenna. The car already had bumps and bruises so I never considered replacing the antenna. Rather we moved forward, or should I say backward, to the world of compact disks. Among the CDs in the binder is a Top Hits of 1983. It may very well be my favorite album. There is something great about 80s music, dare I say, it was THE best music time period?

If you were to walk into our home on any given day you’d likely hear music playing. Lately, it’s been on Disney soundtracks ranging from Moana to Frozen but prior to my daughter’s obsession with these albums, we played a variety of music genres. The other day, I came home from work and as expected the Disney station was on. Not too long after our recap of the day Sofia asked me to play “total heart.” I looked at her dumbfounded and then at Joshua who clarified that it was Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. I started at Joshua who proceeded to inform me that she had heard it in the car and after hearing it requested it again, and again, and again. Since then we have listened and sung our hearts out to Bonnie Tyler’s song many times. In the car, we are still jamming to the Top Hits of 1983.

Maybe when our kids are older they’ll think back and remember the moments of listening to their parent’s music and smile, much like I do now when I hear Vicente Fernandez or Ana Gabriel. I might have rolled my eyes as a pre-teen or gotten blush red out of embarrassment when my dad would belt out to love ballads but here I am smiling and belting out love ballads while my daughter twirls and dances.

And if you’ve never listened to Total Eclipse of the Heart or just want to listen to it again here it is. Enjoy!

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